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How Much Foreplay Do You Need To Unlock Your WaterPark? 🌊

Foreplay is often overlooked in discussions about sexual health, yet it’s the magic that sets apart an ordinary sexual encounter from an unforgettable experience. Foreplay isn’t just a prelude to sex—it plays a crucial role in increasing vaginal wetness, which is essential for a pleasurable and comfortable sexual experience. This blog will help you understand why foreplay is important and how foreplay contributes to enhanced intimacy and satisfaction in your sexual relationships. So let’s dive right in! 😻

The Real Meaning of Foreplay 

Foreplay is the buildup of anticipation, desire, and arousal before engaging in sexual intercourse. It sets the stage for a deeper, more fulfilling experience between you and bae. Skipping foreplay or not having enough of it will prevent you from receiving the pleasure you truly deserve. It’s an essential aspect of sex because it prepares you for the main event 🍆  However, many women often do not receive a good amount of foreplay yet research shows that most women require at least 20 minutes of foreplay to become completely aroused. If that doesn’t happen, it can result in dry sex. Which leads to discomfort, pain from friction, micro tears, burning, itching or even bleeding 😩 Unfortunately, society hasn’t normalized open conversations on topics like vaginal dryness which happens when the tissues in your vagina are dry, thin and not well-moisturized.

The Orgasm Gap And Lack of Lubrication  

Did you know that only 30% of women are able to reach orgasm through penetration alone? Therefore, it’s very important not to skip or rush through foreplay as it leads to arousal. And when you’re aroused your vagina becomes wet. Which makes sex more enjoyable and easier for you to orgasm -  thanks to the all of the lubrication 💦  As women, our bodies are delicate and intricate, so it requires time and proper stimulation to fully awaken our kitties to reach peak pleasure. What do you need to do if you're not getting enough foreplay? Start communicating your needs, desires and boundaries, remember sexual pleasure should be a mutually satisfying experience for you and your partner. Don’t tiptoe around his ego if he’s not pleasing you the right way and make foreplay a NEED in your sexual experiences. 

Pump Up The Passionate Foreplay With Your V Vitamins

The V Vitamins hold the key to unforgettable and toe curling experiences. These miracle suppositories increase the wetness and improve the taste of your vagina which will make your partner want to stay down there longer 😈  So if you never want to experience a moisture meltdown and the discomforts of dry sex again, be sure to get your slip n slide with your V Vitamins by using them 2-3 times weekly. What are you waiting for? Hurry now to to get your kitty wetter than a faucet 💦, tastier than candy 🍭, and turn your mate into a munch 😝

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