Transform Your Taste To Tantalize 🍭

Transform Your Taste To Tantalize 🍭

The taste of your vagina can even vary throughout the month due to your diet, menstrual cycle, ovulation and sweat. 3 Common (yet annoying) Vaginal Tastes and why they happen:

  • A sour or foul taste happens when there's been a disruption in your pH balance due to diet, alcohol, tobacco, irritants and infections.

  • A metallic or bitter taste can happen days before and days after your menstrual cycle. This happens because blood contains iron, which has a metallic taste and smell.

  • A salty or sharp taste can happen days before and days after you're ovulating. And anytime you sweat down there.

Thankfully, our all natural vaginal vitamins restore you to your perfect pH balance and make your vagina taste GOOD. They also eliminate ALL of your vaginal odor and improve the wetness of your vagina. In addition to, being a fast treatment for BV and yeast infections. Please read the below testimonials from some of our happy customers. And click here to read our usage recommendations.