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My God Daughter Got Bullied For Slipping On Her Hygiene

My goddaughter is a freshman in high school. She was in 2nd period minding her own business, when suddenly kids started teasing and bullying her. Why? Because of a natural bodily function: her menstrual cycle which caused her to have a menstrual odor. They were loudly making jokes about a pungent smell coming from the area where she sat. And to add insult to injury, they took a picture of her and shared it in a group chat. It's not just words. It's the embarrassment, shame, and potential social media humiliation. SMH😤 It got so bad that she went to the guidance counsellor's office to seek moral support. She escalated the issue and the boys who harassed her were suspended for 3 days because her school has a strict No Bullying policy.

My heart went out to her. This situation hit me hard because it brought back memories of my own childhood - where my brother brutally bullied me at home because of my scent. I internalized the criticism, overcorrected, and became the Hygiene Queen. Showering twice a day, putting baby powder everywhere on my body from my chest to my underarms, and definitely in my panties. And till this day I keep deodorant in my car, I have a travel tube of perfume in my purses and I always have a few sticks of gum on me. Because being humiliated for your hygiene is a different kind of hurt - especially when it comes from the people you love 😞

I couldn't stay silent after hearing about my goddaughter's experience. I had a heart-to-heart with my bestie - her mom - and advocated for her to get my baby girl on a regimen with the V Vitamins. Because they are completely safe for girls 13 years of age or older. My bestie uses her V Vitamins regularly and while she had previously suggested them to her daughter, she had not yet begun a regimen for her. When we were growing up, all we had was the ill-advised dangerous douche remedy - which 99% of OBGYN’s recommend to NEVER do. And baby powder which can contain toxins and cancer-causing carcinogens. So, she was grateful that I was willing to remind her that we have a safe, natural, and healthy remedy that will prevent teens from the shame and embarrassment associated with their natural bodily functions. If you have a teen girl in your life, we want you to feel empowered to proactively have a conversation about using the V Vitamins to manage their vaginal odors and to treat their vaginal infections.

Menstruation comes with its own odor, and when others start noticing it, it can turn into a nightmare for any girl - especially in public settings. But, it doesn't have to be this way. By introducing the V Vitamins into a young woman’s wellness routine, we can give our girls their confidence back and they can be treated with the dignity they deserve. High school is already challenging enough - gift the young women in your life the opportunity to protect their pH powerfully. So, let's stand together, be proactive, and make sure the generation of young women around us never have to endure what I, my goddaughter - and maybe even you had to. It's time to empower our girls and let them know that they are strong, beautiful, and worthy. They can take charge of their hygiene and put their healthcare into their own hands with our miracle suppositories. So head over to VVitamins.com to order a blessed bottle for the beautiful girls in your life.
And if you have any questions about the effects of the product, feel free to send them here. If we get a high volume of questions, we'll gladly address them in a follow-up blog!
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