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Manage Menstrual Odor With These Tips

“Can they smell me?” is a question us women often find ourselves asking on our red days. We become conscious about the next person being able to tell if we’re on our period. And if your sex ed class was anything like mine, it didn’t focus on topics like period odor. Even though it’s something normal that occurs when blood and tissues exit your vagina along with bacteria. And at V Vitamins, we’re dedicated to creating safe spaces for conversations about women’s issues. Our cycles have a distinct odor. It's a normal part of being a woman, but that doesn't mean we can't manage it with grace, confidence and secret weapons 😉. Keep reading to learn tips that’ll keep things fresh and fabulous for you during that time of the month. As well as encouragement, to unlock your most confident self. Because Aunt flow doesn't stop the show over here!


Regularly Change Your Pad or Tampon

A menstrual period consists of the shedding of an unfertilized egg, blood, and uterine lining tissues. Therefore, it’s completely normal for this combination to have an odor. Bacteria and acidity can also play a role. Therefore, maintaining proper hygiene during our period is incredibly important. Which is why we encourage you to regularly change your pad or tampon and to use unscented feminine wipes during each bathroom visit. Additionally, make sure you use gentle, unscented soap when cleansing your vagina. 


Use Unscented Menstrual Products

When you use scented feminine products, the chemicals they contain can upset the balance between good and bad bacteria in your vagina. Consequently, throwing off your pH levels. Ironic huh lol. Further still, when your pH levels are imbalanced, your vaginal odors are heightened - especially during your cycle. So, if you want to mitigate menstrual odor, use unscented pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. And wear breathable cotton underwear so things can air out down there. And although these simple yet effective measures will reduce period odors, they will not eliminate them.


Use Your Secret Weapon 

The girls know inserting your V Vitamins on the 2 days leading up to your period will eliminate ALL of your period odor. You will smell like water or you will smell mesmerizing. But, you will not have an unwanted odor. Nor will you be self-conscious about your scent. In fact, it will be the exact opposite. You will actually feel fresh, confident and sexy. Which will mean your cycle will no longer be a cock blocker 😈 Especially because some women tend to have a higher sex drive while on our period. And if it’s your personal preference to have period sex, you can do so with confidence now. Get a towel, turn off the lights and enjoy the many benefits and pleasures of period sex. Including relief from cramps, as orgasms help relieve those. And shorter periods. Pleasure is your birthright and lifestyle. Feel free to prioritize it always, in all ways. Celebrate your body and your desires and enjoy them fully - regardless of your period being on or not 💖


And some time after reading this blog, download a period app to track your cycle. So you can set reminders to insert one suppository on the 2 days before your period starts. This will improve your vaginal flora. And when your pH is perfect, you’ll have odor-free periods! And be able to work, exercise and play confidently and powerfully. And if you really want to purify your pH, be sure to use your V Vitamins as your period is going off. This is because the hormonal changes during your period disrupt your pH and can leave you with a weird odor or a full blown vaginal infection. But, if you use all the tips in this blog, you won’t be caught lacking when your period is lurking 💅🏿💅🏽💅🏻

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