Yeast Infection On Vacation

Yeast Infection On Vacation

Imagine spending time, effort, and $$$ planning your dream trip. You’ve got your hair laid, nails and lashes done, and you can't wait to try exotic cuisines, embrace new cultures, and most importantly take amazing pictures and videos for your social media. Yet, as soon as you touch down for your vacation Fat Ma is itching. Excitement and joy quickly turn to fear and dread as you realize you have a yeast infection. I can resonate, because I've been there!😩


Can You Get A Yeast Infection From Travelling?

Before I founded the V Vitamins, I would get a yeast infection as soon as I got off the plane when I traveled to tropical places. This happens because our bodies contain a kind of yeast called Candida and when this yeast is in balance with your body it causes no issues. Yet, when there’s an imbalance of this yeast in your body it can lead to a yeast infection. Further, sitting in sweat for a prolonged period during long flights, or in warm humid environments can throw off the balance of Candida and cause a yeast infection. As well as, sitting in a damp bathing suit for too long 😩. This happens because yeast trapped in a warm, moist environment aids the yeast to produce exponentially. It was so discomforting having to find an urgent care or clinic, schedule a doctor's appointment and then go out of my way to visit a pharmacy to get antifungal medication on vacation! This would ruin my trip because being on medication for a yeast infection restricts vacay activities, like drinking and having sex with my partner 🫠.


Home Remedy For Yeast Infection

Years later, I'm currently on vacay in Italy living my best life confident and free from any vaginal infection. And even if a yeast infection, BV or my pH gets thrown off, I can heal myself conveniently because I have healthcare in my hands 🫰🏻🫰🏿🫰🏽. I do not travel without my pussy paradise pops. And whenever you go on vacay 🌴🥥 the V Vitamins needs to be your  NO 1 travel essential. Whether you're heading to Cancun, Maldives, Bali, Italy, or any other destination 😍 Knowing you have wellness at your fingertips 💅🏿💅🏻💅🏽 with your V Vitamins gives you the relaxed and confident vibes you need on vacay to slay any yeast infection that might occur. So, hurry now to and grab your blessed bottles. And if you’re going on a girls trip, grab some bottles for your girlies because they’re the perfect travel treat! And you girls deserves a healthy, happy, and juicy😻 and trip 😎
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