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My BF Was Giving Me BV: How I Won The Battle Against Fish Smells

Girl, let me share a story with you about being in a frustrating cycle of recurring BV, courtesy of my partner. If you’ve been there, then you know how tough it is. It's more than just a physical discomfort—it takes a toll on your confidence, sex life and your overall well-being. So, if you're in that place right now, feeling frustrated, drained, and maybe even a little hopeless, just know that you're not alone 💗

So back in 2010, I was battling the relentless beast known as BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). Which is a vaginal infection that makes your discharge smell like fish. It was a never-ending nightmare, countless doctor visits, endless prescriptions, and zero relief. I was fed up, exhausted, and honestly, a bit defeated. And after five long years, I started researching natural remedies. As I grew up in a house where my dad used food and Mother Earth as his medicine. So I knew there had to be a way. And like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds, I stumbled upon something incredible, it was a game-changer- a miracle mineral put on this planet to keep women at our perfect pH balance. From that moment on I handmade vaginal suppositories. I use them 2-3 times a week and haven’t used a prescription to treat a vaginal infection or had BV since 2015. 


Now, let's fast forward to February 12th, 2020—the day I decided to share my suppositories with the world on Instagram. My vaginal issues resonated with many women, leading to an overwhelming response of 40 orders in just one day. That's when V Vitamins was born—a beacon of hope in a sea of uncertainty. Since then, we've been on a mission to help women worldwide - heal naturally at home, enhance their intimate experiences, and treat vaginal infections - one V Vitamin at a time. 

Dealing with BV is a battle, both physically and emotionally. It's like fighting a funky enemy that just won't quit. And traditional treatments? Don't even get me started. They're slow, they're restrictive, and worst of all, they often come with a laundry list of side effects like a yeast infection. It's enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel🥴 But fear not because V Vitamins are here to save the day. I've been there before and I found the solution, which has helped me to be BV FREE since 2015 🙌🏾💃🏽. If you want to experience the same, I encourage you to join thousands of women who have benefited from the V Vitamins and heal yourself at home with our vaginal suppositories. These suppositories aren't just another product—they're a game-changer. Crafted with care and intention, they offer fast relief and long-lasting results. Say goodbye to waiting around for days for antibiotics to kick in. Our suppositories get to work in hours, not days. Plus you can enjoy happy hour and get naughty with your partner as much as you’d like while using them. 

V Vitamins isn’t just a company; we're a community—a sisterhood of women empowering each other to live our best lives. Because when it comes to intimate health, you deserve nothing less than the best. So let's kick BV to the curb and celebrate a future filled with confidence, comfort and climaxing 😜💦 Visit VVitamins.com to  start living your best BV-free life today!🥂

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