Collection: Juneteenth Limited Edition Design

Join us in honoring Juneteenth with our limited edition Ankara print design. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to select HBCU students. And in your bottle you’ll receive 30 suppositories in gelatin or vegetable capsules that you insert vaginally. The gelatin is made from beef collagen and the vegetable capsules are 100% plant based. Both capsules are EQUALLY effective, the only difference is the capsule type. And the one you pick is a matter of preference.

Our vaginal suppositories are a fast, safe and natural treatment for BV, yeast infections & UTIs. They also eliminate vaginal odors and improve the wetness & taste of your vagina by helping you maintain your optimal pH balance.

Click here for our recommendations on how to get the maximum benefits from our vaginal suppositories.
Juneteenth Limited Edition Design

Discover the Magic of Our Miracle Suppositories

Elevate your feminine care routine and embrace intimate experiences with confidence. Our miracle mineral formula ensures quick, safe, and gentle relief, putting your healthcare back in your hands.

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